Saying ‘Yes’ to a Serendipitous Opportunity Gave New Life to Her Passion

How an acquisition and relocation reignited Jing Jing’s love of HR

The Human Factor Sealed the Deal

“Prior to joining Cainiao in 2017, I worked closely with the Cainiao team through numerous collaborations and it was through these interactions that I developed a good impression of the company’s unique culture and of its talent,” commented Jing Jing as she recounts her history with Cainiao.

“But what truly sealed the deal for me was the sincerity I experienced from the broader Cainiao team during the acquisition and merger process. They were immensely humble and sincere when dealing with us — the employees of the acquired companies, and took extra measures and care to establish policies and strategies to facilitate a smooth transition for everyone. It was then when I made up my mind to take the leap of faith and relocate to Hangzhou.”

Living Out Her Passion by Bringing Out The ‘H’ in HR Function

As a HR professional, Jing Jing’s prior experience was focused more on dealing with projects and outcomes, and less on the human aspect of the function. But at Cainiao, her passion was given a breath of fresh air when she saw the organization’s focus on people and the core mindset that it is more important to find the right talent for each role in order to accomplish great things in the long run.

“There is a saying at Alibaba — 眼中有人,心中有爱!” This roughly translates to mean that at Alibaba, we keep people in our minds, and love in our hearts.

It is with this desire to safeguard all employees’ welfare that fueled a year-long change management process to pave the way for a smoother transition to ensure that the new employees are well integrated into the Cainiao HR system and structure.

When asked to share some advice with people who are keen to join Cainiao, Jing Jing was very forthcoming to say, “The Cainiao journey will be an arduous one. But amid the challenges, you will discover your passion and love for the business. This is the most charming aspect of Cainiao. You will have to experience it for yourself!”

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