Forging a Path Through Uncharted Territories … in Size 40 Boots

From Losing Oversized Boots in Mud to Establishing a New Norm During Pandemic. Find Out How Hazel Overcomes Gender Norms in a Male-Dominated Industry to Conquer New Heights.

Going Where No One Has Gone — Elevating the Role of Procurement Amid Rapid Expansion

“I had to develop a deeper understanding of what is required for a successful and sustainable overseas expansion and operations. This meant that I had to speak to a myriad of third parties, ranging from real estate developers, vendors to service providers, while conducting physical site visits to gain insights into proper SOPs for overseas construction projects,” commented Hazel, as she recalls her experience managing new market expansion projects.

“My role is more than just purchasing. It is about upholding the transparency and fairness of the entire system while working closely alongside business leaders to ensure the most efficient use of corporate resources.”

Conquering a Male-Dominated Industry One Step At a Time in Size 40 Boots

“In most work scenarios, although I am often the only female in the group or meeting room, I never once felt any form of gender discrimination or discomfort. On the contrary, I would describe the culture as gender agnostic where people are evaluated based on their capabilities and performance, not their gender, race or nationality. Personally, I feel that this is the perfect balance where females can truly thrive and excel professionally.”

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