E-Commerce merchants are rushing to establish their edge in this highly competitive market and smart logistics might just be their key to global success

False eyelashes have recently taken the beauty and fashion world by storm. These are artificial eyelashes which are designed to define the eyes and enhance the users’ natural eyelashes. But no longer are false eyelashes exclusive to vogue runways and gala events. …

Accessible and inclusive cross-border logistics services are helping businesses to create competitive advantage and capitalize on trend cycles

Following the explosive rise of eCommerce, we are witnessing a new medium that is spurring the next wave of growth — short videos. Here, influencers and consumers film short videos of their online purchases, often with tutorials and reviews to lay out the product benefits. …

Tiered logistics offerings that can tailor to the diverse needs of merchants and consumers

The future of logistics has already arrived. Gone are the days where export merchants have to spend a healthy sum on cross-border logistics in order to tap on the overseas markets while dealing with cumbersome processes and numerous providers along the chain.

With increasing globalization and digital penetration, we envision…

Beibei thrives on identifying new opportunities for continual business innovation in the logistics sector

Never settling for a business-as-usual way of working, Beibei thrives on identifying completely new opportunities, in both existing and new markets, to open up new revenue streams and create new business models for the organization.

As the General Manager for the global supply chain import business, she leads an impressive…

How the pandemic spurred an earlier return to China but deepened her career path as a developer

As a fresh graduate, Jinjing has a unusually clear idea of what her career path would look like. “My specialization is big data and analytics and my plan is to pursue a career as a developer.”

Beyond that, Jinjing has kept her career options somewhat open. Having studied in France…

The importance of grit and tenacity to overcome hurdles when breaking into new market

As the head of Singapore operations for Cainiao, the job often requires Chris to wear multiple hats, sometimes all at once. Speaking to Chris over lunch in the heart of the central business district in Singapore, we managed to catch her amid her jam-packed schedule.

“Singapore’s logistics capabilities and infrastructure…

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