6 Key Trends in Sustainable Logistics

How innovation in logistics can foster the co-existence of sustainability and eCommerce

With increasing digital penetration, the eCommerce boom will be to stay. How can we best safeguard the environment while enjoying the convenience that eCommerce brings?

Smarter and More Innovative Packaging

Cainiao’s zipper box used during the recent 11.11 to reduce tape usage

With smart packaging algorithm, logistics providers will be able to assess items based on their category, volume, weight and area, and then match them to the most space-efficient form of packaging.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics for Demand Forecasting

Data Intelligent Network for Last Mile Route Management

E-Shipping Labels

Recycling Led by Private Partnerships

Government Initiatives and Regulations

We Can Have Our Cake and Eat It Too

With some effort, there is a way for us to achieve a balance to allow the co-existence of sustainability and eCommerce.

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