11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2023 — Logistics Upgrades in a Nutshell

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4 min readOct 30, 2023

With 11.11 Global Shopping Festival hot on our heels, let’s round up this year’s logistics initiatives by Cainiao across the different eCommerce platforms and in various countries and regions.

Taobao and Tmall Logistics Upgrades in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia

I. Launch of ‘Taobao PLUS’ service in partnership with Tmall Taobao World

Cainiao announced a collaboration with Tmall Taobao World, a unit that enables consumers outside mainland China to conveniently shop on Taobao and Tmall, to launch a new cross-border service brand, known as ‘Taobao PLUS’, across five key markets — Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. As the official cross-border logistics provider for Tmall Taobao World, Cainiao will support Taobao PLUS’s provision of free shipping, free local returns, and tax clearance*. Cainiao’s cross-border full supply chain optimization means that consumers in these five markets will now enjoy more convenient and efficient logistics services.

This 11.11, consumers will only need to spend over RMB 99 in Hong Kong, RMB 49 in Macao or RMB 249 in Taiwan to be eligible for a free upgrade to Cainiao’s premium logistics services, and enjoy free shipping and tax waivers. For consumers in Singapore, free air or sea shipping will be offered with a minimum spending of RMB 249. For consumers in Malaysia, the same service will be offered for RMB 199 only.

II. Improving logistics stability and delivery timeliness by upgrading the supply chain

Taobao and Tmall customers in Hong Kong and Macao will enjoy guaranteed next-day delivery for consolidated orders, while those in Singapore and Malaysia will enjoy five-day delivery for consolidated orders. To achieve this delivery timeliness and cope with the anticipated surge in demand during 11.11, Cainiao expanded its consolidation and distribution warehouses to over 50,000 square meters, added over thousands of China-Hong Kong direct truck delivery trips, and over thousands of part-time warehouse employees.

III. Upgrading last mile logistics services in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Cainiao also reinforced its last mile capacities with the addition of hundreds of new self-collection points to cater to consumers’ needs. To enhance overall customer experiences and ensure peace of mind, over 50 self-collection points will also offer weekend operations, large parcel storage, and extended operating hours.

AliExpress Six Logistics Guarantees

Following the official launch of “Global 5-Day Delivery” express service in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and South Korea for AliExpress customers, which resulted in significant growth for European and South Korean markets, 11.11 will see Cainiao reinforcing this cross-border logistics timeliness and efficiency.

To achieve this, Cainiao improved first-mile efficiency with the addition of 10 warehouses to support over 80 percent of logistics needs within core industrial belts in China, doubling of cross-border warehousing capacity, and 24/7 central warehouse operation with tripling of manpower.

I. Just-In-Time (JIT) service across 18 Chinese cities

Together with Cainiao’s smart order fulfillment system, parcels will be despatched from warehouse with greater efficiencies to safeguard 11.11 logistics timeliness.

II. Expansion to over 210 flights per week to increase air freight efficiency

Digitally matching flight schedules and warehouse cutoff times to ensure parcels are loaded onto flights without delays.

III. Large-scale adoption of smart order consolidation

Smart order consolidation roll-out at scale, as well as various warehouse system upgrades to enhance warehouse capcities, across 53 countries and regions such as Europe, US, Japan and South Korea

IV. Global 5-day delivery

Greater emphasis will be placed on safeguarding this delivery timeliness even during shopping festival period, with target to increase accuracy and service quality

V. Compensation for late deliveries

This value-added service will be provided in 22 key markets across Europe, US and Asia, as part of Cainiao’s commitment to greater delivery stability.

VI. After-sales customer service to mitigate logistics disputes

Resolution of logistics-related disputes without the need for merchant intervention, with Cainiao handling and automatically compensating for any issues, speeding up the entire after-sales process to as short as 3 days.

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